I’ve delayed having a blog dedicated to gaming for a long while, and
now that I’m launching a new site… well the timing seems perfect hehe =)

So for a first post lets start with a quick introduction:


That’s apparently me, an orc from my server made it of me
in a humorous thread partly about me on the forums.  I’m currently
playing a goblin shaman in Warhammer, on the Ostermark server.  Nazgum
Darktooth, the Mushroom Muncher
, I like to refer to him as.  My posts
here will likely focus on Warhammer and my adventures as a shaman for
now.  My playstyle is solo or in small groups, and I spend most of my
time roaming the PvP lakes.  I like open, competitive PvP that is
unpredictable and often unfair; trying to win an outnumbered fight is
probably my favorite thing to do in Warhammer =)

And that’s about all the info you need to know about me for now, so off you go! =)


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