Rating the T4 RvR Lakes

Open RvR is one of Warhammer’s best features, and Mythic provides a nice set of 9 RvR lakes to fight in, but not all RvR lakes are created equal!  Here’s my list of my least favorite to most favorite RvR lakes:

9.  Dragonwake
“Here be dragons!”.  Well not really, sleeping dragons that offer no excitement, which about sums up my feelings on this zone.  Dragonwake is the central RvR lake in the High Elf vs Dark Elf pairing and my least favorite RvR lake to run around in.  The map has too few intersections and essentially provides two long paths that rarely cross, often leading to a lot of running around to get anywhere before finding anyone.  When many Order are in the zone, it usually results in a steady stream of players running one of the two paths, causing fights to often be interrupted and zerging to occur too easily.  Most of the fighting I encounter in Dragonwake usually ends with one side camping the others warcamp due to the lack of intersections available in the zone.  Overall I find this zone time consuming to play in and often frustrating.

8.  Eataine
Despite having some nice scenery, Eataine is my second least favorite zone.  For a game that aims to provide large scale combat, Eataine is a very narrow zone.  While traveling east and west along it you can usually see almost to the north and south edges of the lake, making it difficult to sneak past enemy groups and a prime zone for zerging.  The many spikes and objects lying around in the RvR lake are often poorly positioned and can cause your character to get stuck, which can be very frustrating in the middle of battle.  But Eataine does have some good points, when the zone is not too crowded it can be quite fun to fight in, and the Battlefield Objective on the island surrounded by water is interesting.  A fun trick I enjoy in this zone is if you have a large group chasing you around Sanctuary of Dreams, you can run south east and cross the river, a Destruction camp is there with level 55 guards that are hidden behind a wall and order will likely not know they are there.  A fun place to pull order trying to zerg you =)

7.  Caledor
Just edging out Eataine in my least favorite zones is Caledor.  Caledor is even narrower than Eataine and can be a terrible, terrible zone if many players are in it, especially as there is only one easily accessible route into the lake (which is often camped).  But Caledor takes spot number 7 because it offers so much fun terrain to fight in.  The wide trees are excellent for taking cover from ranged attackers, and the small rivers and bridges throughout the zone make outnumbered fights more possible to win with well placed knockbacks.  The narrow bridges over the small water canyons are great fun to ambush people with ranged knockbacks, knocking them below and then running down to finish them.  The lair entrance near the Order warcamp can also be fun, as its a ledge you must leap onto that you cannot leap back from, and can provide some exciting fights where positioning is of utmost importance.

6.  Reikland

Continuing down the list at number 6 is Reikland.  Reikland is not among my favorite zones mostly because of the positioning of Wilhelm’s Fist.  The keep is literally at the door step of both the Destruction and Order warcamps, which often makes the fighting take place in too small an area, encouraging zergs to grow until one outnumbers the other by enough that the other throws in the towel.  When the fighting in the zone spreads out more though Reikland can be quite fun.  The Quarry BO to the north is a great design and risky to take, sacrificing higher ground and a long path out while trying to defend the objective.  The Manor BO to the south is also nice, and I like the terrain around the south keep.  I particularily like fighting along the river bank just to the west of Wilhelm’s Fist, as it is a great place to win outnumbered battles by dumping adds into the water, which can take a fair amount of time to swim out of.

5.  Thunder Mountain
I imagine most people rating the RvR lakes would give Thunder Mountain a worse rating, as I hear many people dislike the zone.  I rather disliked the zone the first few times I played in it, but the more I explored it the more I started to enjoy it.  Thunder Mountain offers some rather unique terrain, Battlefield Objectives inside mountains, Keeps with lava in front of them and an odd network of paths just in front of Bloodfist Rock.  My favorite thing about Thunder Mountain is probably the relative easy of being able to stay near the middle keep while avoiding the zerg, due to the many available paths.  The terrain near the Order warcamp is also great for setting up ambushes and can make it a rather fun place to jump small groups of players attempting to rejoin the zerg.

4.  Chaos Wastes
This zone seems like it shouldn’t be nearly as much fun as it is, with the terrain being rather sparse and empty, but I usually have a great time playing in Chaos Wastes.  Having all of the objectives at opposite ends of the zone and away from the warcamps encourages people to spread out and provides more traffic through the zone, which is great for skirmishing.  The stretch between the two warcamps often has a good amount of fighting taking place and it’s close by, so its quick to get to the action.  But because the objectives are not nearby, people also spread out, making zerging less of an issue in Chaos Wastes and the battles that take place here feel much more fluid.

3.  Kadrin Valley
My third favorite zone, Kadrin Valley can be a blast to play in.  This zone is shaped like a horse shoe and can be a long zone to travel across.  It takes about 4 minutes to run from your warcamp to the enemies warcamp.  A great thing about this zone though is most of the objectives are far from the warcamps, making players often have to travel long distances when they die or are looking to join the zerg.  This makes this a great zone for skirmishing, which is of course my favorite activity =)  You can almost always catch solo or small groups of order players out away from the zerg in KV, and because of the long travel distance you can often finish fights before more enemies arrive.  Some of the terrain in KV is great also, the BO in the middle of the water (Cairn) often results in fun battles, and the lake with the small rock maze just north west of it is a great place for a kiting class to fight.  The long underground tunnel can also be exciting to travel though, knowing if you encounter enemies it will be likely be a fight to the death.  Kadrin Valley is in my top three because its such a great zone for skirmishing, with lots of fun terrain to make use of, where even as a shama
n I can often finish an enemy before help arrives, and if not, there is a lot of useful terrain available to help me escape =)

2.  Praag
How can urban combat through the streets and alleys of a burning city not be awesome?  Praag is definitely one of the better RvR lakes and I think many people may say it’s their favorite.  Whether there is just a few small groups or large, roaming zergs Praag still usually manages to be a fun place to fight.  Ducking in and around houses to try and lose the Order chasing you, or running up and down the railed ramps over looking the alleys below, this zone makes combat and the pace of the game feel quicker.  It is also packed full of fun little tricks you can use against your enemy, with many bridges and cliffs, aggressive mobs and dead-end allies.  Praag for me is the most fun when the South keep is under attack or being attacked, as the maze of allies Order tries to travel through from their warcamp to reach there provides so many opportunies for fun skirmishes.  Definitely a great zone to spend some time in.

1.  Black Crag
My favorite RvR lake to play in has to be Black Crag!  This zone just has too many cool goodies to not end up loving, with perhaps one of the best being the underground Night Goblin keep.  Attempting to find that keep the first time it was under attack was a humorous experience, with the map being a little less than useful.  =)  Finding you had to travel through one of the cave entrances was quite the exciting experience the first time.  After learning this zone though, I’ve realized it is my favorite place to fight!  There is just too much interesting terrain to make use of and so many paths to use to get around.  Even with hundreds of Order players attempting to camp our warcamp I’ve never found it difficult to make my way into the RvR lake past them because there is so many ways to get around them.  The moat in front of the north keep, river through the middle of the zone, swamps in the east, cliffs and rope bridges everywhere, hidden mountain passages to make use of; this zone is just amazing!  I’ve heard some people dislike Black Crag, but I think they just haven’t spent enough time there.  It can be a little confusing at first, but once you start to learn the area it is a great place for fighting =)

And that’s my list!


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