Mark Jacobs: State of the Game

I decided to wait a day before sharing my thoughts on Mark’s State of the Game message to see what other bloggers had to say, but surprisingly most didn’t mention it!   Ack!  Less sources to quote!  No worries though, I’ve stored up enough of my own commentary.

Some of the highlights from the State of the Game that caught my eye are:

  • Mythic is currently hard at work on their Tomb Kings Live Expansion
  • no new patch until next month >_<
  • 1.2.1 contains extra loving to the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion, and Marauder  =)
  • Mythic recognizes the client needs performance improvements and is working on it.
  • a new ORvR Influence bar which is filled by killing player =)
  • a new RvR ToK section which tracks and rewards RvR and especially ORvR =)
  • a “Nemesis” system which tracks the top 20 enemy players that kill you and which will give you rewards for hunting them down. =)
  • a more clear zone control UI
  • Mythic is trying to make the City Sieges more fun
  • on career balance – Our primary focus over the next few months will be the Crowd Control concerns =)

Overall I was pretty happy with what Mark addressed in his post, I’m almost a pure PvP player so I like that a lot of the new focus is on Open RvR.  A new RvR Tomb of Knowledge section is nice, and surely inspired by the great addon Dammaz Kron.  The Nemesis system also sounds like something I will love, I constantly seek out players I lose to hoping to exact revenge.  RvR features that encourage actually getting out there and killing players?  Yes please!

Mark also singles out 4 classes which will be getting extra loving in 1.2.1, the Archmage, Shaman, White Lion and Marauder.  The Archmage and Shaman definitely need many improvements so it is nice to see those mentioned.  I don’t know too much about the White Lion having never played one, but I found it odd they mentioned the Marauder, as just a few weeks ago someone from Mythic said they felt the Marauder was their most balanced career.

Crowd Control… ugh.  Seriously, Crowd Control is like browsing pr0n at work, seeing your boss coming and then trying to close your browser, only to see the whole thing lockup due to some poorly coded script on the page; none of the buttons respond, nothing happens, you just wait as he gets closer and closer, til you start screaming “Come on!  Do Something!!” while hammering the close button over and over.  Nothing!  … and then you’re fired.  yea, Crowd Control is just as frustrating in Warhammer, getting rid of half of the CC in the game would be a decent start.

And then there was a nice paragraph on the Tomb Kings dungeon.  Mostly I like what Mythic has coming, it would be nice if some of the fixes came earlier, but besides that I’m happy =)


2 thoughts on “Mark Jacobs: State of the Game

  1. First of all nice blogg! i found it via snafzg's greenskinblogg, secondly, hi nazzie =)
    I agree about the CC! And about shamans getting reworked, i really REALLY hope we dont get boosted to much in damage, cause that will fuck up alot of things in war. I would prefer just abit of burst damage so we accually have a shot at killing guys under 1 min=P

  2. LOL @ the CC analogy. That's exactly what it feels like!I think they might have mentioned the WL and Marauder simply because they kind of "compete" with Slayers and Choppas as "pure MDPS" careers. The WE/WH are stealthers imho, so they don't really count.Since the Choppa and Slayer have arrived, I think they want to make sure the WL and Marauder are still viable and fun to play.

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