A comparison of Loot Systems

The lil git Snafzg from The Greenskin made a post briefly discussing loot systems in Warhammer, and I figured expanding on that to do a short comparison of the available loot systems seemed like a good friday topic; so here we go =)

Loot from kills
The tried and true throwback dating back to the MUD age, you kill something and it has a chance to drop loot.  Makes sense.  I like this method of gaining loot but wish it was restricted in use.  I hate running some dungeon to kill some boss, knowing he has some item I need, only to not have him drop it.  I wish this concept was restricted in use to World Drops, where random trash mobs you kill have a small chance to drop some awesome items.  Using low percent drops on Bosses for set items you need, so you get stuck running them many times really, really sucks.

Completing Quests
You complete a quest, you get an item.  Really there is little to say about this system.  It works.  People like it.  You get to know up front exactly what you will get from the quest, in most cases, and you are guaranteed to get it if you complete the quest.

A token system is a great way to hand out loot.  I first saw it in use in Dark age of Camelot’s Darkness Falls dungeon, where you received different types of crystals from killing mobs, and you could then trade them in for loot from certain vendors.  Tokens are great because you can measure your progress towards the items you want.  They can also help stimulate an economy if the tokens are tradable and can be exciting when you manage to get some rare ones.

Along with tokens, influence is another great way to hand out loot.  This system basically allows you to just play in a zone and by doing what you would normally do (killing mobs/completing quests in PvE or killing players/taking objectives in PvP) you gain influence, eventually being rewarded with items.

Vegas Loot Roll/Contribution

Which is best?
My favorite?  Personally I am fond of the Influence system.  Tokens are nice and definitely a close second, but because some may have low drop rates, or only drop off rare spawning mobs, or be distributed unevenly when you are grouped I have to rate Tokens second.  Influence is a more fair system, tracked individually on your character, and seems more flexible in what it allows you to do to make progress.  I love gaining influence in the RvR lakes and hope Mythic expands upon this system more as they have suggested they will in their State of the Game.


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