The Oysters are moving!

Andy is either playing an early, cruel April Fools Joke or my shaman is about to become a lot more fun =)

Beginning Monday, March 30th we will be offering free character
transfers from the Ostermark server to the Phoenix Throne (Roleplay)
and Vortex (Core) servers. In order to provide our players with as many
options as possible we have decided to allow players to select a Core
server in addition to a Roleplaying server option for their new home in
WAR. As we’ve done in the past, to help make the move to your new home
a smooth transition we will be offering a 20% experience and renown
bonus to all players on the destination servers. Please be sure to keep
an eye on the Herald for more information in the coming days.

For Sigmar!

Source: Andy in the WAR forums

Personally, I think this is great.  Perhaps Snafzg’s rants are useful after all!  I mostly play WAR solo or in small groups, so really all I want is for there to be some targets out there on the field.  Ostermark unfortunately was failing to meet that expectation more and more lately, which is why I rolled an alt on Iron Rock.  Phoenix Throne has a much higher population -> definitely more targets -> happy lil gobbo!

Feeling in the Ostermark forums however seem mixed.  Quite a few people have alts from the other faction on PT, so that leaves their only option to transfer to a Core server, and many of those players selected an RP server cause they preferred them.  Humorously, there is also quite a few posters from PT and Vortex, trying to dissuade Order from joining their servers (both have higher Order populations) and hoping to sway some Destruction players.

I’m sure for some guilds it may be a tough decision.  But not for me!  So, Order on Phoenix Throne, watch out for this git!  =)


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