Battles from Ostermark’s Last Night

Last night I ran fraps to capture some fights from what was supposed to be Ostermark’s last night (the transfers got delayed til tomorrow); a few final battles to say farewell to our sworn enemies on Ostermark, the stunties, humies and elves with funny hats!

Video #1: Nazgum, Gruunk and Lokyar
The first video is of Me, Gruunk and Lokyar in Dragonwake, looking for a fight perhaps a little too near their warcamp; which ends up resulting in many Order reinforcements.

Video #2: Nazgum vs Keldoran and Aisle
I only ended up running solo for about 30 minutes before teaming up with Gruunk last night, but I managed to capture one short fight near the southern keep in Chaos Wastes, with the lil stunty Keldoran and a Witch Hunter

Video #3: Nazgum, Gruunk, Lokyar, Chowskin and Overkill
Biggest fight last!  We had almost a full group and the fight starts off with a 5vs5 in front of the Order warcamp (we apparently failed to learn from our first video hehe).  The fighting quickly becomes us 5vs7 and then spirals into even worse odds, but we manage to take a few out with us 😉

All in all it was a good last night with lots of fun fights. (many in addition to the above videos!)

Mythic has locked Ostermark.  The war now rages on Phoenix Throne!


10 thoughts on “Battles from Ostermark’s Last Night

  1. I made it in a Nazgum video!! It was an honor to fight with you last night, hopefully there will be more to come on PT!

  2. Nice videos, Im running a Radeon 4850, 2gig RAM, lowest ingame settings but still i lag when i get to abit of combat. Not always, ofcourse it depends on the scale, but i still do. And im starting to think my Processor is falling behind abit and should be replaced. Do you think that might lower lag/increase fps? im sitting on a 1.8 Gzh Duel-core atm(or smt like that)Also, was all this as gork specced? or did you fall back into "kite-shammy" ?=)

  3. Hey Vizh =)I'm trying a balance between pure dps and kiting spec =)And for WAR, I found CPU seems to make all the difference; so aye perhaps try upgrading that.Cheers,

  4. Too bad you didn't get video of me and you two manning a BO defense in Eataine. I remember we took down an Arch Mage and caused problems for the rest of them until backup arrived. (I was the zealot)

  5. Hey Vizh,I'm using a dual core amd processor, it's about a year old and wasn't too expensive, and seem to run the game well =)AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5600+

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