How to beat a WP and a WH as a shaman?

Transfers from Ostermark to Phoenix Throne have gone through for most people now, and I spent a few hours playing on my new home today.  What’s it like?  Definitely different then Ostermark, some good and some bad.  The good is there is way more people to fight, which is awesome.  The bad is the server itself appears to be way more laggy then Ostermark, which is frustrating; hopefully its temporary due to transfers or something..

But despite the lag I’ve had fun on PT already and even have a new video to share! woot! =)

Video Intro:  I was roaming around looking for a fight in Praag when Miriyn the Witch Hunter unstealthed on me.  We began fighting near the Southern Keep; but of course, as often occurs in WAR, an add showed!  Falanos the Warrior Priest!  Being new to the server I wasn’t sure who Miriyn or Falanos were, but I wanted to try and fight them!  But how do you beat a warrior priest and a witch hunter as a shaman?  The video starts with them chasing me north of the southern keep and I just cut off the road..

Unfortunately as you can see in the video, 3 destruction showed up at the very end and ruined its! hehe.  But Falanos was extremely close to dying with a lot of mobs and Gork Sez Stop on her just before the dest showed, they barely hit her.  If they never showed she may have died there and then I had my chance at the WH 1vs1 and a much nicer video, but alas!  This was still fun =)


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