Fights from Phoenix Throne on Friday April 3rd

Phoenix Throne has definitely taken some getting used to.  The server is far more populated then Ostermark and fights are often interrupted.  Many players hit harder on PT and seem to have much better gear.  I was getting a little frustrated the first two days, but I’m learning to pull players out of main roads before engaging and to be more cautious against dps classes, and am starting to have some fun fights again.  So with that little intro, onto some videos! =)

Video 1: Luan (WL) and Gynnon (SM)
A few minutes prior to this video starting, I came across Luan the White Lion at the Order Warcamp in Eataine; my first encounter with him I was unaware he hit so hard and was a little careless and ended up losing; being a stubborn gobbo I immediately went back and found him again; the video starts with me /scream’ing at Luan outside the Order Warcamp. =)

Video 2: Khyrons (WH) and Mercin (Slayer)
Destruction was sieging the west keep in Eataine so I setup between the Order warcamp and there to see who I could catch trying to make it to the keep to reinforce it; I find Khyrons, but shortly into our fight order reinforcements arrive..

Video 3: Namaste (WH) and Maslaire (WL)
While lurking around in the alleys near the Order Warcamp in Praag, Namaste unstealthed on me with some pretty nasty hits =)

That’s all I got from friday, hope ya enjoyed =)


4 thoughts on “Fights from Phoenix Throne on Friday April 3rd

  1. Wow, I never realized certain classes can completely ignore LOS. Half your nukes in the third video were either 1) facing completely away from your target or 2) traveling through objects (e.g., walls and stairs).Even strafing my Squig Herder has a difficult time getting LOS and I can almost never shoot through objects, even if I started firing before I lost LOS.

  2. PS. I'm not saying you're exploiting or anything. I'm just dumbfounded that Mythic seems to have screwed up yet again. At least make things consistent…

  3. I re-watched the video to try and see what might give you the impression shamans can ignore LOS, cast through objects or nuke facing away from our target.There is only two instances I can find in the video that may give you that impression, and both are from my AP Drain; shaman's AP drain used to be a 2 second cast and got changed to be instant in patch 1.2, but the animation speed was not updated properly; so when we cast it, it fires off instantly, but the animation is slow, making the visual affect appear much later.Because of this delay, twice in the video it looks odd. Once it appears to travel through the floor, because after I cast it he goes down the stairs; and once it appears to fire after I've turned my back.In both cases when I clicked the icon to cast the spell, which is instant, I was facing my target and had LOS

  4. Heh, I guess this is why you shouldn't watch videos and make comments late at night! The AP drain was the main thing that looked buggy, which makes sense now that you've explained it. I also mistook a couple of your instant heals/buffs for a couple instant DoTs. Also, one of your AP drains looked like Brain Bursta, which was odd because you moved with half a second left on the cast bar (which now makes sense due to the animation bug).

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