RvR Videos for April 10th =)

Phoenix Throne has been a lot of fun this past week.  Despite the sometimes zergyness, fun fights happen far more often then on Ostermark, and a few weeks out now I’m glad the transfer happened.  Of course, me having fun on the server means I got more videos to share! =)

Omnifury, Lionel and more by the cliff
This video starts with me fighting Omnifury the Witch Hunter just south of Wilhelm’s Fist in Reikland.  The fight moves near the cliff where a few more order enter the picture =)

“The Zerg!”

This is just a short video I caught that I thought was pretty humorous.  It starts with a 1vs1 in Reikland, that quickly becomes a 1vs2, and then a large Order Zerg shows and the chase is on!

Meeting Sogeou
It’s always fun to try and pick an outnumbered fight. This starts with me fighting Kerwin the Witch Hunter and an SM.  Shortly into the fight Sogeou the Sorcerer shows, along with a few Order reinforcements =)

Fighting with Sogeou
After running into each other in Reikland, me and Sogeou decided to team up!  We ended up having a lot of fun fights, but one of the more fun ones from the night was actually against a little army of mostly non-40s we fought in Eataine.  Despite them being lower level they put up a tough fight, and had 2 healers (a RP and a WP) so were difficult to take down.

Hope you enjoyed!  Overall its been a pretty fun week in War, and I’m finding quite a few fun fights =)


4 thoughts on “RvR Videos for April 10th =)

  1. That top one was of you kiting the heck out of me. I remember clearly that fight and me wondering, perplexed, how you managed to run that fast. Very well done, and I hope to encounter you again on the battlefield. You are truly a great opponent.

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