Feathers don’t always just tickle

Playing as a shaman I tend to notice the bugs that affect me the most, which would be bugs with my career and bugs that end up getting me killed! =)

And recently, I got killed!  Ack!  Yes, sometimes (often really), I die!  But when I die in a situation I feel I should have lived, I usually go check the combat log to see what happened.  And after this one fight, reading through the combat log made me want to:



So what happened?  Well, first lets cover a skill all tanks get: Shatter Confidence.  Black Orcs, Ironbreakers, Chosen and the rest of the tank classes all get this skill, though its name varies slightly between them.  The purpose of the skill is to allow tanks to remove an enchantment from their target, something like Mork’s Buffer.  Except, this doesn’t just remove spells you would think of as enchantments, it can remove any buff on you, including our shield and heal-over-time spells.  That makes this skill especially effective against shamans as we rely on our HoTs and shield for healing, and tanks that use this can be more dangerous to deal with.

What puts it over the top though is, the Knights of the Blazing Sun version doesn’t just remove one “enchantment”; it removes all “enchantments” on you with each hit; and you get smacked for every single one removed!

Shatter Confidence wrecking havoc on Nazgum!

Shatter Confidence wrecking havoc on Nazgum!

As you can see in the combat log, Shatter Confidence hits me 4 times in one second.  With one attack Ligon removes ‘Ey, Quit Bleedin’, Do Sumfin Useful, Don’ Feel Nuthin and Gork’ll Fix It; and does 1200+ damage to boot!

So fellow shaman, be extra careful around those Knights!  Comparing them to our pals the Black Orc they sure look less menacing, with their funny feathered hats, but don’t be tricked!  They have a pretty evil weapon to use against us for now!


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