Nazgum’s RvR videos for April 16th!

I like the idea of posting weekly RvR videos.  Except, I haven’t played this week!  Things were just a little too busy for me.  But, I played quite a bit last week and have a few extra videos from then.  These are a little more B quality videos I suppose, but hopefully still entertaining enough, and with 1.2.1 going live today, maybe I’ll have more interesting ones next week =)

Sinikin and Zzztopper
Just before this video starts I was fighting 1vs1 with Zzztopper (Ironbreaker); Sinikin (Shadow Warrior) joins the fight so I eeek both into the river and start filming! =)  About half way through the video a Warrior Priest arrives as well!

Nazgum and Sogeou vs Draxous, Mythrendir, Bellagen
This was a really close fight!  Bellagen (Warrior Priest), Draxous (Sword Master) and Mythrender (Knight) charged me and Sogeou in Eataine.  I had a seriously hard time healing Sogeou, as both tanks seemed to spam their Shatter Enchantment type skills and hit hard!  I also make lots of mistakes this fight >_<

Ottosel and Schmidbauer
This is a short video that takes place just north of the Order warcamp in Reikland where Ottosel (Warrior Priest) and Schmidbauer (Knight) charge me!  The Knight appears momentarily confused after my first eeek, perhaps realizing his advantage may have disappeared =)


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