Patch 1.2.1 goes live tomorrow!

Tomorrow is patch day!  The 1.2.1 patch is coming tomorrow morning and bringing in some very nice goodies with it.  A few of the more general highlights include:

  • Keep Upgrades: Claimed keeps can now be upgraded with a variety of additions and enhancements
  • Ordnance: To counter upgraded keeps, attackers can now purchase more powerful siege weapons with a new resource, Ordnance.
  • Combat Responsiveness: Combat will suck less… hopefully (Mythic has stated this in previous patches before yet it persists)
  • Tokens:  You can now receive tokens in RvR, allowing you to buy armor sets such as conqueror or invader!  sweet!
  • Special Scenario: A 6vs6 version of the Gates of Ekrund scenario will be added for players level 19-24

Overall, I like some of the highlights of this patch.  The combat responsiveness is by far the biggest highlight for me.  The current state of it is inexcusible, especially 7 months in now, and I really, really hope it is actually, for real, fixed this patch!  I’m also excited about the tokens, I dislike Mythic’s endgame; I went to a city siege once, never again.  I also find fortress takes extremely dull.  Tokens now allow me to continue playing the way I enjoy (solo or small group skirmish) and still slowly progress in gear.

In addition to the highlights, this patch has a lot of extra goodies for my career, the shaman!

  • Big Waaagh!: Reduced this ability’s cost, cooldown time, and range.
  • Bleed Fer Me: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Brain Bursta: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Bunch o Waaagh: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Geddoff!: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Get’n Smarter: This ability will now also deal damage over time.
  • Gork’s Barbs: This ability has been redesigned, and now has an
    entirely new effect. It will now reduce incoming healing on the victim,
    and damage the person who healed them.
  • I’ll Take That!: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Life Leaka: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • Scuse Me!: Increased this ability’s damage, and increased the amount
    that the victim’s resistances that are reduced by.
  • Shrug it Off: This ability has been redesigned, and now has an entirely
    new effect. It will now place a buff on the target that will restore
    their health if they fall below 15% Hit Points.
  • Yer a Weaklin: Increased this ability’s damage.
  • You Got Nuthin!: Increased this ability’s damage.

Buffs are nice I suppose, though I expect shaman will be a little overpowered after this; but we’re getting our mastery trees and mechanic adjusted the following patch so they can adjust us back down then.  In addition to all these notes there is one bugfix I am extremely happy to see go live:

  • Bright Wizard’s Playing With Fire: Fixed a bug that allowed the healing debuff applied by this ability to stack with other healing debuffs. Now, only the largest healing debuff will apply.

I’ve been burned by this a few times, most notably while trying to fight Vivx (BW) and Shinobi (SW), tough opponents who play well and would constantly double heal debuff me; with no healing and two ranged dps on me I quickly melt from shaman to fungus =p


4 thoughts on “Patch 1.2.1 goes live tomorrow!

  1. Looking forward to some of your videos with the skills newly buffed. I'm sure they'll be even more fun. I still have no idea how you run around and keep the camera in front of yourself like that. So disorienting to try to do.

  2. I've been lookin forward to this patch since hearing wind about it being broken weeks ago :)I think I'mma take the day off work to revel in the glory of it all!

  3. @Grimnir – Never a good idea to take patch day or even the day after patch day off work to revel in its glory, because regardless of the game or its developer, these two days are usually full of lame issues (e.g., lag, crashes, server downtime, hotfixes, busted mechanics, etc.). 😛

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