Shaman 1.2.1 DPS Videos =)

Patch 1.2.1 went live last week, and with it came a nice damage buff to the shaman class.  I waited to respec DPS until last night (Friday) to see how my kiting spec did, as with the castlag gone I wanted to make sure I didn’t eat a ton of extra dps from other classes who also benefit from it.  But on friday I took the plunge back to full DPS!  So how is it?  Intense!  I kill fast and die faster, making each fight shorter and more dangerous.  Fortunately, I have some videos from that first night!  =)

DPS Shaman vs Warrior Priest
I find Warrior Priests are probably the hardest targets to kill as a shaman; especially kiting spec’d.  You can’t AP drain them, they heal well, and they can hit hard.  So trying out my new spec against a few WP seemed like a good first step; I had just respec’d to DPS moments before this started, which you can catch me telling snarglers in the chat 😉

Non stop order in Eataine
Knowing I can down Warrior Priests, this spec makes me happy!  Before I’d often just have to watch other healers run by knowing I likely could not kill them; now there is no need to allow anyone to pass by!  Lets try a more real pvp situation, with people hunting me!  This video starts with me attacking an engie who was part of a larger pack of order, which leads to an odd string of chasing and hunting around orders warcamp between me and several order =)

Solo keep defence
Normally, I completely avoid keeps while I’m solo.  Often there is just too many order at them, and they have their morale abilities charged from the door; I get near and eat a 7 second stun from range and then get focused and die.  Not so fun.  But, on friday I decided to ignore my usual rule and ventured down to the southern keep siege in Reikland, to find no destruction defenders and about 10 order!  What would Gork do?!

With the help of Gork and a wee bit of Mork, the keep was saved and about 50 minutes later we were assaulting their fortress 😉

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed =)


13 thoughts on “Shaman 1.2.1 DPS Videos =)

  1. Love watching these, are you sticking with DPS spec or going back to kiting? I am trying to tell the shamans in my alliance not to stack Willpower for RvR but the will not listen they all want primary stat at 1000+ for some reason loland Vizh I know he is running Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text that is why his Damage output looks a lot nicer.

  2. Hi Vizh,I use Divine Fury, Mork is Watchin, Run Away!, and Git Outta Here.And as Snarglers mentioned, I use the WSCT mod which makes the damage more visible =)

  3. Hey bro, I just hit 40, and I really like your playstyle so I'm trying to emulate it a bit. What are your thoughts on the new gorks barbs? Do you think its worth using now where it is currently located in the mastery trees, or is it best to wait until the next patch where it is relocated?

  4. Hi Zabula,Personally I think "Do Sumfin Useful" is mandatory for a shaman, so you need at least 10 points in the Mork tree for now (you also want at least some healing ability)..With 10 points in Mork you then have to choose either Gork or Green; for a group, Green can be very nice, but for solo Gork definitely wins; so I go Mork/Gork atm..In 1.3 I plan to switch to Gork/Green since our shield and lifetap moved to green and then we may be viable there =)

  5. Vizh,Personally I think Run Away! and Git Outta Here are kind of mandatory tactics; that leaves just 2 spots for offensive spells, and Divine Fury and Mork is Watchin seem better in my opinion =)

  6. I did some tests(read quite few) At R38 on mobs, and came to the conclusion that with "hurts dont it" debuff on a mob, i do close to the same damage i do with "devine fury" tactic. But with 20% better healing. But that means i gotta keep it up on all targets i attack and plan to do damage to.And i guess i would do even more damage with devine+hurts dont it, but crit less, and i have not tried out the stats of "hurts dont it" vs "mork is watching". Would be REALLY intresting to see what a theorycrafter would say=)

  7. Nice vids as normal…but I gotta ask the question as to why a shammy is able to DPS through heals that were on that engy AND able to keep himself alive with his own heals….something not quite right about that

  8. Jaxxel,hehe I agree, I expected shamans to be fairly overpowered in 1.2.1 due to them just upping our damage and not changing anything else..but they'll likely balance us back down with 1.3, and we'll ride a bit of a similar wave that squig herders did, going from poor, to good, to in the meantime might as well make some videos hmm? hehe =)

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