WAR is an awesome solo game

Looking back, I find it kind of humorous that I can never bring myself to group with people in Warhammer anymore.  It’s not that I don’t like my realm-mates or guild members, most of them rock!  And really, I made a shaman over a dps class so I would be useful in groups!  But, whenever I do join a group and it starts to balloon up past 3 people I find the fun starts to go downhill quickly and I just want to log..  why is that?

Personally, I think its because, for whatever reason Mythic seems to have disliked the 8-man gameplay that developed in DaoC and has gone out of their way to not make that possible in Warhammer.  I know a lot of people, especially former DaoC players, were looking over the skills near launch trying to come up with good 6-man strategies.  Hey, I was too!  It was a reason I picked the shaman, the Green tree looked awesome for a full greenskin group, toughness/elemental debuffing with a few squig herders blasting explodin errer!  It looked hawt!  We were discussing this and other 6-man setups way back in August!

Unfortunately, not once did we get to try that out though, or any other 6-man team for that matter.  Why?  Well for us personally our guild just fell apart too fast with everyone returning to WoW who was unhappy with Warhammer.  But beyond our guild, I noticed there was very few 6-man teams from other guilds either!  I think this is because 6-mans have no place in Warhammer.  The maps are too small, often only having 1 or 2 routes to travel through (with the exception of a few zones like praag and black crag), and there is no way to escape a zerg once they are upon you, let alone pull off some kind of victory like in DaoC.  Attempting to run in a 6-man results in either you being continually runover by a larger zerg, or you managing to pick off smaller groups of players (1-3) looking to meet back up with the zerg; neither option is overly fun.

But, despite 6-man groups not being viable like many hoped, there is still a lot of fun to be had in this game!  Though you may need to wittle your groups
down to smaller sizes than 6-mans to find it.  Warhammer is actually a suprisingly fun solo and duo game.  A few quick points to backup my claim:

  • In a 1vs1 or 2vs2 situation, most people never hit morale 3 or 4, which is where a lot of the rediculous abilities exist that get fired off in large scale combat.
  • Mass AoE nukes, disables, knockdowns, disorients and the rest of those aren’t much of an issue in small fights, which is usually one of the first things I get frustrated with in warband+ size fights
  • The classes in Warhammer are remarkably balanced for 1vs1, as a shaman I’ve lost a 1vs1 to every class except a runepriest I think
  • You get to use far more skills each fight.  As a shaman in a warband I basically only need one skill, group heal.  In a small group fight I use at least 10.
  • Warhammer’s terrain is awesomely built for separating people, and almost every class has knockbacks.  This makes Warhammer a far easier game to handle adds while you are soloing, because you can just dump them off a cliff while you finish with your primary target.

Why solo over larger groups?  Well, you have to think of how you’re going to find fights in Warhammer.  There are no quests, or public quests, or other things to do in the RvR lakes.  So there is no where to go looking for enemies.  There is basically 6 objectives and the zerg usually hits them one at a time.  For players just logging in, they will want to rejoin the zerg.  So the best way to find fights is to position yourself between their warcamp and their zerg.

Why not groups of 3 to 5 people in size?  I view it as, if you’re solo, you just need one enemy to run into to have the potential for a fun fight.  If you’re in a duo, you need two.  With three you need a group of three enemies, and etc. all the way up.  You are far more likely to be in the “fun fight” zone the smaller your group size is, with a group of 4 you are not often going to be running into other groups of 4 enemies in Warhammer, but in a duo you’re much more frequently going to run into pairs of order!  =)

So what’s my summary?  Warhammer can be a great game to play solo, you’ll use more of your skills, find more challenging fights and perhaps, just perhaps have a little fun 😉  As the gobbo mobs in Warhammer love to yell at me after I accept a quest, “Go do it!”


4 thoughts on “WAR is an awesome solo game

  1. I agree with you completely, however, I think your perception of fun might be a little skewed due to your class. Obviously, you're a great player, but the Shaman has many tools to make him viable as a solo artist. Not only can you pump out decent damage, heal yourself, drain your target's AP, and remove debuffed, you also get Eeek!, which you execute perfectly in all your video.Even as a class without as many tools, I still agree with you though. I'd much rather solo or duo than run around with a warband. Groups of 6 could be amazing, but only if you had other 6-mans to fight.

  2. I'm playing on a low pop server and have the luck to often have small scale fights.. yesterday our guild formed a group (not everyone being rank 40) and we had really much fun in doing off-zerg stuff.I'm not sure if you have to fight against equal sized groups to have fun. We fought with one group against 3 groups and had really fun as they weren't able to steamroll us and we actually killed some of them.. Fun starts for me when you do something against all odds, e.g. fighting with drastically fewer members on your side..fighting and winning against a class that's normally your nemesis..that sort of thing.That's the reason why zerg's are no fun. You just compare the number of participants on both sides and the result is clear without too much variation in it.And I totally agree that the rvr zones are way too small to allow small scale fights on a well populated server.

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