WAR’s PvP Gear is far too hard to obtain

I waited a while to give the token system a chance before writing this post, but I have to say, WAR’s PvP gear is just far too hard to obtain..

Personally, I have the full annihilator set and 3 pieces of the conqueror set.  That initially sounds pretty decent, but as you’ll see that is hardly the case.  Let’s look at it first ignoring tokens:

Starting with the Annihilator Set.  I got lucky, by starting out on Ostermark I had less people to roll against for gold bags at keeps.  And, truthfully I got most of my annihilator set 4-maning empty keeps; yay RvE.  Nowadays on Phoenix Throne though, I imagine Annihilator set is pretty rough to get.  Last night keeps were being sieged by 188 destruction at a time!  That is a mighty low chance of you being lucky enough to receive a bag.  4-man keep sieges really aren’t possible on Phoenix Throne due to the population, you’ll always be interrupted, which is a good thing, but it sure makes the gear harder to obtain..

Let’s move up to the Conqueror Set.  This is the set I’ve wanted for a while, and as I’ve mentioned I have 3 pieces of it.  Not too shabby, no?  Well, not really.  I bought the gloves from a vendor back when that was possible.  And I bought the belt on the auction house.  The only piece I’ve seen from RvR is the boots, which drops off players.  The rest of the set only drops in fortresses, and you are basically competing with even worse numbers attempting to win a lucky roll.  I’ve been at maybe 50 fortress sieges.  Never, ever won.  In fact, I would be shocked to learn if anyone, on any server, in either North America or Europe has their full conqueror set.

Let’s move on.  Invader Set.  This is the set up from conqueror and only available at the city siege stage.  This set is completely out of my grasp now.  Why?  Because I refuse to ever subject myself to the pain that is city sieging in warhammer again =p  If city sieges were improved however, this set is almost reasonable to obtain.  You’re in an instance with only 48 other people, and 3? gold bags drop, and you can likely complete the quest 5 or more times before the 2 hour timer is up.  Unfortunately, Mythic decided to make stage 2 have four hero mobs that hit for like 20,000 damage, making this completely impossible with any kind of resistance.  Some players got “lucky”, if you want to call it that, and managed to deck themselves out in full invader back when the instances were bugged and you could get in one with 0 enemy players.  That doesn’t happen anymore, so these sets are basically unattainable.

Finally, there is the Sovereign Set.  This is also only available from city sieges, and only once you win the first instance (which seemingly is no longer possible).  So this set might as well not even be in the game at the moment.

That’s all the PvP sets I know of.  As you can see, they are all very difficult, some perhaps impossible, to obtain.  So, Mythic added tokens as a way to make these sets more obtainable.  Except, the costs from these tokens are just far too high.  I’ve been saving up for the conqueror shirt and am not even half-way there after several weeks, many fortress sieges and a lot of kills.  And that’s for one piece!

What Mythic Should Have Done
Players don’t mind working for their gear, but there needs to be some measure of hope that they will eventually obtain it.  Mythic’s addition of influence to the RvR lakes was great, and while a little slow to work through, gave you a clear goal that if you invest enough time in each lake you get certain rewards.

The renown system should have worked the exact same way.  All the PvP sets already have a renown rank requirement to use, as you gain that renown rank you should be able to go and just buy the item from a vendor exactly how influence works.  To me this makes a lot of sense, I would then be able to use my Conqueror set now, and as I progress further, know eventually I can get invader and then sovereign..  currently my gear is at a standstill and it feels like I’ll never progress at all.

Keeps, Fortresses and Cities should have never been about personal gain.  It should have been about your realm and provide benefits to your realm.  Just look what happened with the last update, making it so guild leaders who claimed keeps get a gold bag to hand out, I’ve never seen so much bickering in /2 over who gets to claim the keep.  If all of the personal gains were removed from keeps, fortresses and cities, and instead placed where they make sense (renown, which is really your personal progress), then the game would be so much better off.  And if they do that and everyone just PvPs and stops sieging keeps, fortresses and cities – guess what?  Then keeps, fortresses and city sieges aren’t fun enough.  Improve them!


5 thoughts on “WAR’s PvP Gear is far too hard to obtain

  1. In WoW, all the "end game" content is about picking up Tier Dungeon sets and Epic gear. (I put "end game" in quotes because whenever they release a new expansion, it changes.) Mythic apparently had to try to beat that standard with the sieges. For most players, there does need to be a reward of some kind for doing the sieges, I think, but you're right, tying gear to Vegas Loot and sparse medallions/crests is no the way to do it. Make the pieces cheaper for the medallions and crests, then award a lot of them for sieges. Make it so you get enough of them to buy a piece well before you gain the renown to buy it. Then, they can make the sieges about getting the renown. So the short-term goal is to get renown (could you imagine seeing a 5,000 renown pop for getting a fortress or city instance?), and then the long term is to get the gear.

  2. Here's the most important thing Mythic is too boneheaded to grasp: PEOPLE WILL MAKE ALTS if their character gets fully decked out.Seriously, why focus your entire gear grind so that it takes hundreds if not thousands of hours to fully deck out ONE character. Warhammer is built for alting. In fact, their previous design made alting mandatory when previous zone control actually mattered for anything.They ****ed this up with DAOC and now they're ****ing this up with Warhammer. How many classes did DAOC have? 30ish across all three realms? Warhammer? 24?Why in the name of everything holy are you forcing people to focus on one character if they really hope to achieve anything in your game? So it took you a 4-6 months to reach the ultimate endgame. So what? Roll a freakin' alt. If there wasn't such a barrier to entry, everyone would be doing it and it would let them have way more fun in WAR because of the diversity of roles.

  3. The current system is indeed a hindrance to rolling alts. I've finally started venturing into rolling some alts, but always feel this self-imposed nagging that I should log out of my alt and back into one of my two mains (two mains? Does that make sense?) so I can finish gearing up. Every day that I play one of my new alts, I feel one more day behind on my mains. 😦 (And boy do I wish I'd bought several of my set pieces before they stopped selling them for gold!)And I totally agree that it was far easier to gear up on Ostermark. In fact, until someone told me that the Oster to PT transfers have ended (I guess you have to transfer to Vortex now?) I'd considered rerolling my low level alts back on Oster for just that reason! (Nevermind to avoid some of the zerginess!)

  4. Hmm we as in (starting on prelaunch guild) got lucky. The population wasn't very high in RVR so we could take keeps with half or full wb without too much order to bug us.I finally got my full conq set due to having so many invader crests.Many of my guild mates are in Dark Promise, or Conq also…or have both… The trick is to have a keep claimed and durring order fort takes if they lose you gain a conq bag…we have gained in the last few weeks 20 conq bags..and with master looting the GM can shuffle pieces to who ever needs them.Otherwise smaller guilds or those who don't have organized guilds trying to gear themselves up collectively will find getting these sets a huge pain in the butt. The medallion system is an ok fix it …. Still I can only take so many Fort runs myself also.Im surprised you didnt like to try Altdorf. The entire time in the beginning i was flustered about how much of a pain it was to get to city…now we are irritated on how hard it is to even complete phase 2 of the city and keep it.Ugh is all i can say…Darness Falls part 2 (tomb) will be fun… I never got sick of DF back in DAOC… what I dont like is the instanced part… but loging out entire guilds inside for when it flips will provide some interesting ambushes on order PVE warbands =p

  5. Are you serious? You want to be handed the best gear in game with little effort. Sorry bub. MMOs require gear grinding. Not everyone wants to play easymode. If you refuse to do the content to get the gear, you wont get the gear. So much noobsauce all up in this blog post. Get good scrub nub. Keep padding my renown.

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