Best Thread Evar

I stumbled upon a hilarious thread this morning I just have to share..  it’s about a DoK complaining that a Bright Wizard is over-powered, which of course spawns a whole lot of trolling in the thread.  Yes, a DoK, perhaps destructions most over-powered class complaining about orders perhaps most over-powered class.  But don’t be so quick to dismiss the thread as mere trolling, there is more going on than first appears.  See if you can catch on before others in the thread do.

And for extra “epic winning lol”, it appears a forum moderator was tricked by it all and locked the thread.


6 thoughts on “Best Thread Evar

  1. Thanks for pointing this out to me. I didn't figure out what was going on until brennanaaron pointed it out. But it was pretty great anyway. LOL at the staff locking it.

  2. Oh my dear Jesus, so good. My ribs hurt after reading the first post. Anytime I see odd formating in a post, my radar for hyjinx starts to go off.

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