EA Earnings Call Tomorrow

ea-moneyOne of the interesting things about EA buying Mythic is we get to see real subscription numbers every few months.  Unlike many smaller game companies, EA is a publicly traded company, and because of that, they divulge information about their earnings to their shareholders.

The last earnings call which took place earlier this year revealed Warhammer had “over 300k subscribers” at the time, which could in no way be spun as a positive.  By Mythic’s own admission they were hoping to still be growing, and “to be successful” they wanted to be “north of 500k subscribers”.  300k meant they had lost over 1/3 of the people who bought a retail box at launch, and were far below their mark.  Ouch.  Even worse, those numbers may have been high, as anyone who signed up for a six month subscription but lost interest and cancelled would still be considered among those.

Tomorrow is the next EA Earnings Call.  Predictions?  Personally, I’m thinking they will fare a little better off this time around.  Their trials seem to be getting some new blood into the game.  They’ve solved quite a few issues with the game and merged servers to make life easier for newcomers.  It’s also been a few months since WoW’s expansion so some of those folks will be getting bored.  And, as far as PvP MMOs, there isn’t much competition out there for Mythic… yet anyways.

I’m gonna guess 350k.  I think Mythic continued to sink below their 300k mark but managed to turn things around a bit in the past couple months.  Wanna venture your guess?


6 thoughts on “EA Earnings Call Tomorrow

  1. I really wonder if they'll count free trial accounts as "subscribers" tomorrow. To be honest? I'd say 275-300k. They have closed 40+ servers since the last call…

  2. I'd actually be surprised if they mention the subscriber levels at all. Though they are a public company, all they have to cop to is earnings, not subs. We'll see, I guess.

  3. Im not sure… Even though things feel great (at phoenix throne), cant really guess about the numbers. 250-350k… We've been having a lot of fun there, so long as we keep and improve on what we have we're fine.

  4. According to EA's investor call, WAR has over 300k subs. I assume this is less than 350k or 325k because they would have said we have over 350k or 325k.Given that WAR launched in Russia while these numbers were calculated and had a viable Recruit-a-Friend and Free-Trial going on, it seems like these measures only kept them from going down in the hole even further.I guess that's what happens when your endgame is plagued by horrid design and terrifying performance issues. Doh.

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