Making WAR Awesome With A New Ruleset

Warhammer has a very unique makeup to the game, that could allow a quite different, more harsh PvP setting to exist within it, more true to the Warhammer tabletop game, and perhaps more fun – or at least different.  It’s what I was actually hoping for when the game was first announced, and to make it possible all it would take would be a new server ruleset and a few small tweaks..

Racewar PvP Ruleset
The basic premise is each race in Warhammer Online would be its own faction, and at war with every other race, making the game much more similar to the real Warhammer fantasy game.

This setup would work quite well with what Mythic has already built, because each race has the 4 archtypes (tank, healer, melee dps, ranged dps) available to it, along with their own items, gear and mounts.  Each race even has its own starting area, and a leveling path all the way up to 40.  In the future (presumably), each race would also have their own city.  It’s like Mythic originally planned to make this ruleset!

So, jumping forward for a moment and assuming this ruleset could be worked into the game, how might it play out different than the other rulesets?

A skirmishers dream!  With only 1/6th of the population as your ally, that means 5/6th of the population are your enemies!  And with the population so divided, you would likely not see the giant zergs like you do with the current rulesets, but instead much smaller teams.  Each faction may only be able to field up to a warband each, rather then the current 3+ warband zerg you encounter.  Smaller fights are much more fun, in my opinion, and this ruleset would favour them greatly.

Unpredictable chaos!  One of the main reasons I hate and rarely do scenarios is they are far too predictable.  You know who is on your team, who is on their team, how many players are on each team, and you know exactly whats going to happen.  I find Open RvR far more entertaining, not knowing how many allies or enemies are out in the field, not knowing who you will encounter or how many, and not knowing what kind of reinforcements may arrive in the midst of battle.  Now imagine a 6 way war!  Battling a small band of dwarves with your greenskin team, to see a group of dark elves arrive, unsure who they will attack, only to see them being chased by a group of high elves.  The chaos and confusion of never knowing what enemy factions may do would make the RvR lakes infinitely more entertaining for me than what we currently have.

No dominate faction!  Currently, there is only two sides in Warhammer, with even small shifts in population balance it is very easy for one faction to greatly out number the other.  In a six sided game, this would be next to impossible.  Even if say, the Dwarf Faction was the most popular, it may outnumber each of the other factions individually, but it would be highly unlikely to outnumber 2 or 3 of them combined, yet alone all 5.  Any sort of temporary alliance between the other factions could easily take away their numbers advantage.

Changes Required For Ruleset

So if you’re with me this ruleset could have some benefits and play out quite differently then the current rulesets.  So what exactly would Mythic need to change to get this ruleset into the game?

Scenarios could continue to function exactly as they do, supporting two sides within it, and the queueing system could just be tweaked to support the six realms.  Very simple and little effort required.  This would perhaps make scenario populations a little lower, likely more of a 6vs6 environment for most unless many are queueing, but could also add more variety, as each scenario you may be up against a different faction, which of course each have their own tricks!

PvE from 1-39 would also need very few tweaks, each side already has its own leveling path.  You would really just need to update the flight paths to restrict them to your sides warcamps.

RvR Lakes would require a few changes, but not too many!  The map layout is far from ideal to support this type of ruleset, but it could work.

The first big change required would be a flight path and landing camp for the other realms (so that dark elves would have a place to land in the EvsC front to fight); personally I would like to see this work by having them create small camps near the fortresses (so in EvsC, the Dark Elves and Greenskins would come in from the bottom left and bottom right corners of The Maw.  Making it a bit of a trek north to other zones, but making it feel more like you were invading enemy territory.  Similarly the Dwarfs and High Elves would come in at the top left and top right of Reikwald.  Just a small camp with a few mobs and a flight path would be all that’s necessary.

The second big change required would be how victory points and zone capture works.  Zone domination could remain the same, though would be very difficult to pull off against 5 other realms.  I would say an easy solution would be to remove zone domination and change Victory points, so that it works as a pie chart broken into 6 slices (one for each realm), where you earn points for killing, taking/holding objectives and scenarios only.  Then the first realm to 45% or so would take the zone (with each starting at about 18%, the home turf realms would get the bonus of starting out with the objectives when the zone resets).

Here’s where it could be made interesting.  We could maintain some semblance of an alliance with zone capture, where if a destruction realm captures the middle zone of praag it moves to chaos wastes, and if an order realm captures praag it moves to reikland.  But then in the next zone, whichever realm captures that gets to go for the fortress, and the home turf realm defenders.  The other realms would be locked out from the fortress zone.

Fortresses I think should be modified to be the end-game for this ruleset.  Scrap city sieging altogether; face the music Mythic, we all think city sieging sucks.  If fortresses were made the end-game, in this ruleset managing to hold yours while capturing another nets big points and nice gear, and take the current city siege gear and just tie it to renown.

Cities I’m not a fan of personally.  If an auction house existed at warcamps I would never go to Inevitable City.  Let Empire and Chaos have their city and just place auction houses at warcamps and I would be fine.  The other 4 cities are still being built right?  If so those can just be plopped in when they’re ready.

Optional Changes I’d Love To See
Along with the required changes to make this ruleset possible, there is quite a few optional changes I would like to see go along with it.

Make all characters start at level 32, effectively eliminating tiers 1-3 from this ruleset.  Werit made a suggestion on his blog recently, with a ruleset where chars start at 40, and I like the concept but feel level 32 would be a better fit.  It gives you a few levels of progress

Eliminate PvE dungeons and make it a true PvP ruleset.  Get rid of bastion stair, bilerot and lost vale entirely.  Leave this set as a PvP only ruleset with PvP gear!  That would be hawt!

9;s all I got for now, what do you guys think?  Would it work and would you play on it?


13 thoughts on “Making WAR Awesome With A New Ruleset

  1. This kind of ruleset would really be something different and could come with a lot of small scale group orientated pvp which would be much more interesting and fun A skirmishers dream! :)- Ghanja

  2. Hehe, how are the wrists after typing that one out!? I like it! What would you do about the new Land of the Dead? Incorporate it or leave it out?

  3. Mythic dropped the ball with going live with just two factions. Your idea sounds oh so much better than the old one of adding a new faction. And I'm for anything that reduces the zerg PvE gameplay that currently existings in RvR lakes, where one faction takes the BOs, moves to another realm, and leaves the other faction retake, rinse and repeat./signed, for your father's sake!

  4. I like the idea of 6 realms (yay skirmishes) but I think each race is too small to be its own faction. I have friends that I like to play with and not all of them play Chaos. E.g. Lylia plays a Sorc and I play a Zealot. One of my friends, a Chosen, plays with his brother who is a Black Orc. Having multiple factions will help with the population balance for sure. Although, I'm not convinced that this will take care of zergs. Brute force is always viable, and multiple factions can always form enough alliances to amass a zerg. Eventually it will become an alliance vs alliance landscape. And, weird alliances such as Dark Elves and High Elves is allowed by the ruleset. One thing I wish was more reinforced/enforced was the concept of each pairing being at war with the other. E.g. Chaos/Empire, HighElf/DarkElf and Greenskin/Dwarves. THOSE should have been separate realms. They should tie each race to their pairing more and somehow develop that into three separate factions going to WAR against 3 other factions. Some ideas off the top of my head are: – they could boost renown for players who fight in their racial zones- race-specific rewards- some cost for players who leave the fight in their zone to help other races with their zonesWith the racial separation more defined, it'd be awesome if there are 3 separate wars going on in parallel all the time. No more flying from zone to zone just to ride the renown train. If you are Greenskin, your home is the Greenskin zone. That's where your fight is. Each race will have to form its own alliances with other races and make a conscious decision to leave his homeland to help an ally fight in his homeland. I want there to be epic moments in a battle where someone says something like, "YAAY! The Greenskins came to help us after all!" (+200 Morale).

  5. I have no problem with zerg, it is the same way ancient battles happened – man vs man.Faction imbalance is quite an issue – aliance based may a bit solve the issue (like EVE online). However it would a bit break the spirit of the game. The designers made the realms different enough to have a natural hate :DI would like to have some skirmish area, where small teams 1v1, 2v2, 6v6 can compete over some objective and if u win x times you get champions helm or something like that.Scenarios are bugged as for example on my server noone queues it. However I quite like them because if the population is balanced you can have an entertaining battle, not just getting steamrolled.

  6. Hey Nazgum,Awesome videos, when do we get more? =) What spec & tacts are you using currently? I believe you mentioned it in some comment recently but I can't seem to find it now.- Tom

  7. Forgot to ask;What does your current stats look like – How much intelligence, wounds, toughness and magic crit, and which stats do you go for on your gear?

  8. The idea of the 6 factions is nice…but a lot more needs to be changed to make PvP more interesting. Ive listed a bunch over at WHA…but simple things like eliminating the zone lock system in t4..effectively make all the rvr lakes contested at all times would increase the size of hte battlefields by 3x, which is something this game needs.Also, there needs to be consequence for dieing….if there were only 3 large lakes…and only one spawn for each faction (in your case that would make 6 spawns) people would actually have to run a ways to get back to the battle.Theres a ton of other things, but seriously, just about everyone, inlcuding urself has had better ideas than Mythc.P.S. do NOT like the start at lvl 32 thing at all.

  9. The racewar would be one way to go, but there would be constant howls that one race or the other was gimped due to mismatched mechanics… Chopper vs. Marauder, Warrior Priest vs. Zealot, etc. I like it, but given the way the classes are balanced, I don't think it would play out well in the long run.I think a better option might be to FIRST get the damn missing cities in-game so that each campaign can stand alone… THEN build speed bumps between the campaigns to discourage jumping back and forth between them. Something like only allowing access to other campaigns from the city flight masters and a time-out before the other campaign zones become accessible. This was the original idea… that all three campaigns would be fought separately and simultaneously. You could see a remnant of that at launch, in both the limited flight master stations and the requirement to go to a zone to queue for its senario.

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