5 Suggestions To Make Warhammer More Fun

If the other servers are anything like Phoenix Throne, a lot of people are frustrated with Warhammer.  Maybe not so much in the lower tiers, but tier 4 has a lot of problems.  With enough time, hopefully Mythic can work most of them out, but in the meantime, I got 5 suggestions for Mythic that can perhaps make their game more fun until they get around to it.  So ‘ere we go!

1.  Disable City Sieges

I think it cannot be denied at this point, the majority do not find city sieging fun.  I personally find Mythic’s concept for city sieging horrible; after a long, hard fought PvP battle with other players in the open world you get shoved into instances, where you repeat a public quest over and over for two hours, with a super boss that hits for 30,000 damage and one shots anyone except warded tanks, that is nearly impossible to complete with defenders.  Whut?  While city sieges are underway, the rest of the PvP game is effectively shut down, all the zones are locked preventing you from doing anything but participating in the city siege.  It’s either suck it up and city siege or log off.  And worse, should a city actually be captured, the PvP lockdown persists for up to 16 hours afterwards, no scenarios, no RvR lakes, nothing!

It was pretty much unanimous way back in beta, and not much has changed since then.  No one likes city sieging.  If you removed the loot aspect from it who would subject themselves to this voluntarily?  Not only are city sieges not enjoyable by a large portion of your playerbase, they are literally forced on us by just playing in the RvR lakes.  Until they can be improved to the point where they are enjoyable and do not remove large portions of the rest of the game when they’re active, they should be disabled.

2.  Completely Remove Morale
The concept of morale, as I first heard it described, was to allow swings in battle as each zerg charged and released their morale abilities.  In reality, morale in Warhammer is often used in situations such as DoTing a siege pad and then running into a player and firing off a powerful attack.  Or an enemy zerg that is attacking a keep and is high morale from nuking the door fires off their 7 second stuns at defenders trying to get in, who then get focused down and die.  The morale system in Warhammer takes more away from the game then it adds to it.  It is a crowd control haven.  There are 42 crowd control affects distributed across the different morales!  And, as you can imagine, people will slot the ones which have those affects, making most morale abilities that get fired off just result in a stun, silence, AoE knockdown or some other form of CC.

Too much Crowd Control is an issue frustrating many players in Warhammer.  It is unbearable in zergs and even running in small groups or solo I lose control of my character far too often.  Going from full life to dead while stunned is not fun.  Removing Morale from the game would go miles towards fixing the horrific amounts of CC you get hit with while trying to play.  And yes, I love my Gork Sez Stop, but take it if it means I can actually control my character while fighting.

3.  Make Leveling Faster

Warhammer was built well for leveling alts, in theory, as there are 6 different PvE leveling paths all the way up to 40.  Except, leveling is so slow in Warhammer I only have one level 40 character and little interest in investing a month or more to level a second.  Making it faster to level would make alts a much more enjoyable experience past level 20.

4.  Remove Random Loot Distribution For Set Items
Mythic choose to follow the same model most MMOs use to distribute the majority of their loot – the random loot roll.  Unfortunately, Warhammer is not setup well to support this due to the class restrictions on nearly all items and the fact there is 12 classes, more than most MMOs.  Because of this, it makes it that much harder to obtain items you want in Warhammer compared to other MMOs.  Running a dungeon and killing a boss you need something from with a 1/12 chance of getting the item is just slightly disheartening.  Especially on your 23rd trip through the place.  There is people who have been running Blood/Bile for months, every 3 days, without completing their Sentinal set.  Just ask poor Snafzg.  To add even further pain, you need those sets to progress, so you need to keep investing 3 hours every 3 days, hoping you get lucky.  Why?  Mythic decided to apply this same concept to the loot they offer from PvP, combining two random rolls for a bag in a chest..

Random loot distribution isn’t too bad in some cases, but when you use it to block the progression you force on players it just builds frustration.  Many new players to tier4 are going to have a seriously rough time completing their annihilator set, which they need for fortresses, yet alone their conqueror set, which they need for city sieges; why block progression with astronomically small chances of receiving the items you need (such as a conqueror piece, which breaks down to a 6 in 200 chance of receiving after 5+ hours of work; I know of no one, on any server, with a full set)

Either scrap the wards system entirely, or remove the random loot distribution from set pieces and replace it with a pure token system, in both PvE and PvP and make the tokens faster to obtain.  Use random loot distribution for weapons, jewelry and other items which are nice to get but not mandatory to progress.  And, while I’m on the topic, why can’t some rare weapons, jewely and other items drop from players?  Why just set piece gloves and boots?  Would be nice for some more variety 😉

5.  Separate Bug Patches From Content Patches
I know I’ve said it a few times before, and while I do find Warhammer fun, it is still by far the buggest game I have ever played.  Nearly every play sessions I sigh in frustration from some bug that just shouldn’t exist in the game at this point.  The combat bugs are the worst for me, a PvP game with broken combat gets old fast.  But its not just combat, everything is just plagued by bugs; logging in, questing, viewing a map, viewing an item tooltip, clicking an ability, viewing the realmwar site, submitting an appeal, training renown, training masteries, clicking a postern door, messages for BOs being taken, keeps not showing as under attack on the map, logging into the official forums, searching the auction house, retrieving items from mail, seeing group member locations on the minimap.. just everything is broken!  I could go on and on.  The bug fixes need to come faster.  Wrapping 500+ bug fixes into your content patches that only come every six weeks is no good.

So that’s my list.  Besides for my plea for quicker bug fixes I tried to list items that can be tweaked quickly (xp increase) or just simply removed.


4 thoughts on “5 Suggestions To Make Warhammer More Fun

  1. Here here! My only real concern is with #1. I realize the city sieges are complete garbage, but if they were disabled, I think you'd see a lot of people quitting WAR fast because T4 oRvR would have little purpose but to go back and forth from fort to fort.I just recently had an epiphany. Notice how Order never pushes for the IC on Phoenix Throne? I believe they've come to realize that the quicker path to Invader gear is successfully defending their city, which is a complete cakewalk given the current setup. You seriously have almost zero chance at invader gear as an attacker. Why not just bide their time and farm the invader tokens after all the failed Altdorf sieges until Mythic finally gets around to fixing their endgame? 😛

  2. I agree with you to some extent =) I've died from full in one stun far too many times. City sieges are incredibly boring(If you're actually trying to do the pq), they need to rework it completly or remove it. I've had notoriously bad luck with rolls, but still I have good eq (3 parts conq, 4 invader, 4 sent, 1DP, almost full anni), We've got some warlord, invader, and alot of conq/anni drops from players. BE + BB is done in under the hour in a good group and that's great in my eyes. Even if you have to do it alot it only takes 2 hour a week from your playtime, and you're bound to get the eq eventually. They should fix so it only drops eq for the group tho, that's the most shitty part. Eq is fine on our server, but I agree with you about the rest. /Mumeplayer =)

  3. Most morale abilities aren't bad, and I don't even object to the single-target stuns. It's the AoE stuns that are ridiculous (and that fact the some of them are morale-2 abilities is even more ridiculous).I certainly don't begrudge you your Gork Sez Stop. Even us Rune Priests can appreciate that it's one of the more interesting and amusing abilities in the game. I remember running into you at Ironskin Skar and frantically trying to heal a player you hit with it while typing out "Stop moving, dammit!!".

  4. I think the CC problem would be less, if the immunity timers would work better..It happens often to me that I eat a second CC shortly after I recovered from another. In zergs I surely die when I get affected by one, but in 1vs1 I can most of the time survive the first CC as a Runepriest, but getting 2s afterwards CC'ed kills me. Maybe I shouldn't attack those Witch elves and leave them alone 😉

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