Nazgum’s RvR videos for May 13th

Its been a while since I posted some videos.  Mostly due to me not playing as much, as Phoenix Throne got pretty unbalanced for a while which made the game a lot less fun; but Order has been making a comeback recently and there’s been a lot more fighting, which means I gots some videos! =)

Gratuitous Use of Eeek!

I stumbled upon Ceelee (WH), Phez (SH) and Izzzo (Choppa) near the ambush stump in Reikland, engaged with about 4 order.  And they were losing!  Ack!  I start recording as I approach the fight and within the first 15 seconds Izzzo and Ceelee both die and Phez kites out of my range, things weren’t looking too good… and to make things worse even more order shows up!

Back and Forth at the Fortress
The Shining Way fortress was under siege and order was hanging out near the front, preventing destruction from approaching.  I found a small group of order there and we played a bit of back and forth attacking, with their ranged dps pelting me and their witch hunter constantly trying to flank me =)

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed =)


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