Patch 1.3 seems interesting!

Nazgum evokes Darkness!

Nazgum evokes Darkness!

Before I go into patch 1.3 let me first say, I finally got my Conqueror shirt!!  Mythic reduced the medallion prices for the RvR gear which meant I finally had enough to purchase it, allowing me to wear 4 conqueror and 2 bloodlord as my set, providing set bonuses of +138 Intelligence, +66 Willpower and +66 Toughness.  Woot!  Not too shabby for a DPS shammy!

Now on to patch 1.3, which is a pretty monster patch!  This will surely shake up Warhammer when it goes live.  I’m only going to cover the parts of the patch which affect or interest me, so if you haven’t yet go read the notes!

To start with, and perhaps the most needed change coming with the patch, is the near global reduction in power of AoE abilities.  AoE completely dominates the game at the moment, both in damage and healing.  I sometimes group heal myself even when not grouped, because it heals for just as much and casts faster!  AoE needed a reduction and this is a very welcome change!

To offset the AoE reduction, Mythic is making a bizarre move however.  They are increasing single target DPS for nearly all classes.  Witch Hunters are perhaps receiving the most benefit, with 18 of their abilities going up in damage!  As someone who sees a lot of 1vs1, I think single target DPS is already too high.  As a DPS shaman I can burst down most classes in less than 20 seconds, and I consider that quick.  But I don’t kill fast, not in comparison to witch hunters, slayers or other true dps classes.  I’ve been hit for over 4000 from a single ability by a witch hunter, and I only have 5000hp (6000 with the +100 wounds potion).  I lose over half my life if a slayer gets in melee range of me for 2 seconds.  Scooter, an engie on Phoenix Throne once caught me and dropped me from full to dead in 5 seconds.  Personally, I think this game would be far better if both healing and damage were toned down some so you had more time to react and use abilities before pressing respawn.

Now for the real goodies!  Shamans are getting their mastery trees shuffled this patch and the possibilities sure look exciting!  Hybrids are being crippled, and Mythic is making you choose to be either a DPS shaman or a healing shaman, but both options each look excellent.  Here’s a few of the changes I’m excited to see:

First up is Eeeek!  This ability is being changed to now snare the enemies it knocks back, and no longer knock yourself back.  There is mixed feelings on this in the forums, and I’m sort of torn over it too.  On one hand, the snare is awesome, and I have way more control with it in combat now.  On the other hand there will be no more amazing escapes by eeeking off cliffs or bridges.

And then there is the tree changes.

Personally I think this looks awesome.  Gork is receiving few changes, but Mork and Green are getting a good shuffle.  The two popular choices for 1.3 will likely be Mork/Green and Gork/Green, and Gork/Green will be Nazgum’s choice!  The healing power of a hybrid is getting nerfed, so willpower based heals won’t be so useful, but Green is receiving our shield and we’ll have 3 lifetaps, which heal based on the damage dealt (intelligence based), so I’m hoping those 3 lifetaps + a shield will be enough.

The final thing that interests me in the patch notes is of course the Land of the Dead.  I’m not very excited about it however, the more I read the more it sounds like a giant PvE zone where PvP may occur, but likely won’t be too common.  I hope I am wrong.


8 thoughts on “Patch 1.3 seems interesting!

  1. As soon as I read the patch notes (read: eek changes), I immediately thought of you and your amazing escape artistry, and wondered how it would change the game for you. I guess we'll see!

  2. Where did you read about increased damage overall? Thats a reallly bad change considering most shammy's have the problem you described in this post about close to instadying to some classes already….

  3. Oh, and why ddi you skip 4 sent/2 conq setbonuses for 4 conq/2 bloodlord, seems to be a step away from survivability…

  4. Hey Bladock =) yea surviving against the zerg charge will definitely not be as easy anymore hehe..and hey Vizh =) check the patch notes section for each class, nearly all classes are having their single target dps enhanced; but in the test section of the forums it seems nearly everyone is universally opposed to it, so perhaps Mythic will wake up before putting this live.I went 4 conq/2 bloodlord so I'd get the 2 +60 int bonuses, since I'm a dps shammy; just want max int, rest is secondary =)

  5. "Hybrids are being crippled, and Mythic is making you choose to be either a DPS shaman or a healing shaman"Isn't that going against Mythic's promise of encouraging hybrids? I've been away for a few months but am considering coming back, and I'd be disappointed if I have to focus on one or the other for my shaman.

  6. Lawl. MDPS are now single-target DPSing people dead in 2-3 hits on the PTS. Also, notice how they made sweeping changes to all AoE across the board? Why the heck would they do that? It isn't every single AoE ability that's OP, just a few of them. Why not focus on the issues instead of painting everything with a broad stroke?Talk about lazy and incompetent.

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