A warning to fellow gamers

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted in over two weeks, I got injured!  Not through sports, or an accident, or a failed kidnapping attempt of Jeff Hickman so we could live out Grimnir's comic.  Nope, nothing exciting.  I got injured by my blasted computer.

Apparently its called RSI – Repetitive Stress Injury – which can occur from lots of things, but actions such as typing and mousing use a lot of the same muscles in your hands repeatedly, which over time, can build up stress on your arms and cause injury.  And since I code most of the day and then often put in extra time playing games or browsing the web, my computer use is probably a little beyond excessive.. perhaps I had it coming =p

Anyways, the point of sharing my little story is apparently this could have all been avoided if I had just stopped using my computer for a few days when this first started occurring.  But since originally it was just a dull ache that persisted when I tried to work or play, I ignored it… until a few weeks later when it started causing sharp shooting pains up my arm, and by then it was too late.  Now I must minimize my computer time for another week or two to rest my hands so they recover, so I won't be playing or posting much in the meantime, but I'll be back =)

So, learn from the little gobbo's pain and if your hands start hurting, don't ignore it!  take a few days off!


10 thoughts on “A warning to fellow gamers

  1. I've been battling RSI for a long time myself. Not in the manner you have it, but more tightness that creates a very painful, uncomfortably sore wrist. Taking a break and wrist braces help. But I've found stretching my wrist out and, oddly enough, a 1lb weight to exercise my wrist do the most good. Good luck and here's to it not developing into serious carpal tunnel syndrome on you.

  2. Evry tym da Chaos Wastes openz up, Bladock tinks of da Nagzum boss, wishun 'e wuz der ta "sayz stop" to da orderlys… Gankin jus not da same wiffout da nazgum boss. ,>_<Git well soon, ya git.

  3. Hah… Sorry but i have to laugh because I had just seen the doctor. My left hand thumb had such severe Tendonitis that I have to wear a wrist and thumb brace when i sleep now.I also have been taking some pills for arthritis to reduce irritation.I also data enter all day..come home to play on phoenix throne ..I developed my thumb problem from space bar …yep…damn that space bar… I was playing Perfect World in between War and you can double jump ….thats when I had the locking thumb twitch pain up the arm problem.Its been like 2 months and I still have minor pain… lucky you caught onto it early…for me Work + gaming + yard work = I messed up something bad.See you on Phoenix…

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