Bursting with a DPS Shaman

If a DPS shaman is anything its definitely fun!  It may not be the most useful in scenarios or warbands, but if you like to play solo or in small groups a DPS shaman can be a monster!  An evil, bursting with waaagh, little green monster!  I’ve been playing mine for a little while now so I figure I’ll share some of my thoughts and strategies on the build.

Mastery Points
Really I see only one viable way to play a DPS shaman, and thats with the path of Gork.  The path of the Green is the shaman’s utility tree, and while it has some nice abilities, they don’t compare to the Gork ones.  You will be using Life Leaka and Bunch o’ Waaagh while fighting, and its nice to have those at their highest level.  Typically I put 9 points into the Mork tree and buy Do Sumfin Useful, and then dump the rest in Gork.


I’ve found tactics make the biggest difference to my effectiveness as a DPS shaman.  I like to run with Mork is Watchin’, Divine Fury, Hurts, Don’t it? and RUN AWAY!.  That gives me a pretty pure focus on offense, while still having some survivability from RUN AWAY!.  If the fighting in the zone is very zergy I will typically swap out Hurts, Don’t it? with Git Outta Here! to handle adds easier.  And if I’m in a bit larger group of 3 or 4 and I need to focus a little more on healing I’ll swap out Divine Fury with Extra Special Mushrooms.


Ah one of the great things I love about Warhammer.  Gear really isn’t that important.  And you can offset what gear you have with your renown points.  Everyone will use the best gear they have so I won’t really mention much here, other then check the Auction House for some Liniment of the Tolling Bell potions – 60 minutes of +100 Intelligence and +3% Magic Crit!

Casting Order
Casting the right spells at the right time can make all the difference =)  One great trick shamans have in Warhammer is that you can build up your Mork/Gork’s Waaagh before a fight starts; it does not reset unless you enter and then leave combat.  With 5 Gork’s Waaagh built up you get to start the fight with a nice advantage, so make use of it!

  1. Get’n Smarter  (+120 Intelligence for enhanced nuking!  does not expend Gork’s Waaagh)
  2. Brain Bursta (Using Hurts, Don’t it? and gets insta cast expending Gork’s Waaagh)
  3. Bunch o’ Waaagh (only for one tick then interrupt to save AP)
  4. Yer Not So Bad (start getting AP back)
  5. Bleed Fer’ Me
  6. Life Leaka
  7. Don’ Feel Nuthin (usually receiving some incoming damage by now – shields up!)
  8. Big Waaagh! (Gork Sez Die!)
  9. Bunch o’ Waaagh (11s cooldown should be up by now)

Your casting order will often vary quite a bit depending who you’re fighting and the situation, but something similar to the above is what I usually try and follow for most fights, along with tossing You Got Nuthin! on healers when they get low and Gork Sez Stop! when useful.

fin.  coffee time for this git!