MMO Chain Letter

Grimnir recently tagged me in a chain letter that’s making its rounds among a few bloggers.  It’s mostly being answered by war bloggers, but contains more general questions such as the origins of your name and what classes you prefer.  So if you wanna see my answers read on!

1.  What is your current main character’s name (or names, if you play multiple games)?  Explain how you chose the name.
My main character’s name is, in case you can’t guess by my domain name, Nazgum! =)  How did I choose the name?  It’s a name I made up and have been using for a while; I like it, it sounds kind of funny, people usually end up nicknaming me “Nazzy”, and its quite unique so its not usually taken in new games.

2.  What was the name of your very first character in an MMO?  Explain how you chose that name.
I really don’t remember; I think I’ve played too many games hehe.  But, the first character I really remember was called Nazgum, way back in 1994 or so, in a text based game called MUME.

3.  Have you kept a specific name through various games, or do
you tend to change your naming habits based on the individual game?

I almost always call my main character Nazgum.  I think the only exception was Guild Wars, as I disliked all of the male character models, so I made a female toon there, and Nazgum just didn’t feel appropriate then hehe 😉

4.  Do you ever reserve names, planning to use them for
characters that you might play later?  If so, what are they and why do
you hold on to them?

Yea I usually reserve Nazgum 😉

5.  Of the three common archetypes in MMOs — tank, healer, DPS — which is your current main character?
My current main is a shaman.

6.  What archetype was your very first character in an MMO?  Why did you choose it?
My first archtype was an assassin/mdps.  I selected it because I like to solo and, on the surface, it seems like it would offer a lot of strategy; however, I’ve found since stealth equals invisibility in most MMOs, that usually isn’t the case, so I tend to shy away from them now.

7.  Are you usually attracted to one archetype over another, or do you play them equally?  Why?
I am usually drawn to ranged DPS classes, archers in particular.  In Dark Age of Camelot and World of Warcraft my mains were both ranged DPS (Kobold Hunter and Orc Hunter).  I almost never play mages or healers.  My shaman was actually my first attempt at playing a healer in any MMO, and I selected it because WAR seemed like it would be a fun group game; of course as you can see in my videos, I mostly solo anyways =)

8.  What is your favorite feature from an MMO you no longer play?
My favorite feature from an MMO I no longer play would have to be Artifact weapons from MUME.  The idea behind them were, they were very powerful magic items that were unique, only one person at a time could have it, making them very special, but they would decay after a week.  Some examples of artifact weapons from MUME:

  • Glamdring: one of the Elven swords found in the book the Hobbit.  It would begin glowing when enemy players got near, a very useful feature in a pvp game; it also did extra damage against enemy orc and troll players.
  • The Black Sword: perhaps the most powerful weapon in MUME, it was also the most dangerous, as it would force you to attack the nearest target occasionaly, which may be your allies!
  • Black Runed Sceptre: a very powerful staff for a caster, however it is owned by a Nazghul, who is ever seeking it back!  And while you hold the staff you are constantly hunted by a supermob that cannot be killed, forcing you to ever stay on the move.
  • The Black Many-Tailed Whip: not a very powerful weapon, but very useful with groups, allowing you to entangle targets and prevent them from fleeing!

I always wanted to see an MMO grasp onto the concept of artifacts, as I think they would work very well.  In Warhammer, add in some artifact weapons mentioned in the lore.  Make them only last for a week then you must find them again.  Also, make them lootable and easily visible in combat, making for a much more intense experience in the RvR lakes for those who have them!

9.  Is there an MMO that you would play if it was free?  Which and why?
No.  I’ve never not played an MMO because it had a fee; if I want to play an MMO I don’t mind paying =)

10.  How do you measure the success of a character in an MMO
(total kills, titles accumulated, wealth, rare items collected, level
reached, etc.)?

How do I measure my characters success?  Jeez, that’s a tough question for me.  I’ve never really been too interested in the story or lore side of games.  I’m not much of an achiever either, I don’t really care what gear I have as long as I can still be competitive.  I’ve never really been into guilds or titles either..  I suppose I would measure my character’s success by how well I can play them; beating classes I should not easily beat, or winning outnumbered fights gives me a nice sense of achievement.

And that’s all my answers!  I’m gonna keep this chain letter going by tagging Snafzg to answer it, because he hasn’t written many posts lately and I miss reading the occasional war rant 😉