Disables – fix its!

war-bug-bugIt seems lately I’m just being barraged by deaths from combat bugs.  For a PvP focused game, combat really needs to not have serious bugs in it to be enjoyable.  I don’t mind getting run-over by the zerg, or when someone gets the better of me, but it sure is frustrating to die to bugs.  And as it occurs so often lately, when I go back to check my combat log to see what happened, I find some bug was the cause of my demise..  so what’s new today?

Pretend you get hit with two different disables at the same time, say Cannon Smash and Scintillating Energy.  What should happen?  I would think, whichever hits you first should land and disable you, and the second should be ignored.  Or worse case scenario, both fire at the same time due to unstoppable not going up in time, and you get disabled by whichever is longer.  Well, in Warhammer neither of those situations happen.

Disabled til death!

Disabled til death!

Instead, they stack!  Somehow they get queue’d, and instead you get disabled for the full duration of the first, and then for the full duration of the second.  In my combat log you can see I get disabled for 12 seconds (13 apparently, according to my log).

Fix its!  Draw inspiration from your Gobbo mobs who would say, “Go Do It!”