Sanya shares an interesting story

Sanya Weathers wrote an article a few days ago titled WoW patch 3.1, The Secrets of Ulduar; though really, her post has little to do with the patch.  Instead she chooses to share a story about “a company that was supposed to be brainstorming for a Brand! New! Game!”.  Now, in case you’re not in the know, Sanya was the main Community Manager/PR person for Dark Age of Camelot, Mythic’s prior game, and left just prior to Warhammer launching.  Here’s an excerpt from her story:

The point was, at the company to which I refer, it was pretty clear that if you wanted a seat at the idea table, you needed to be in the team leader’s WoW guild. That was where everyone was bonding, building their relationships, and drawing all of their plans. Since I was supposed to doing some consulting with that team, I installed the game.

Wow!  We can only make assumptions, but how many game development teams has Sanya worked with since WoW launched?  I think its pretty safe to assume she was talking about Mythic building Warhammer Online.  Sanya is a great writer and always entertaining, so if you haven’t yet go read her article, it should prove interesting if nothing more =)