Nazgum’s RvR videos for May 13th

Its been a while since I posted some videos.  Mostly due to me not playing as much, as Phoenix Throne got pretty unbalanced for a while which made the game a lot less fun; but Order has been making a comeback recently and there’s been a lot more fighting, which means I gots some videos! =)

Gratuitous Use of Eeek!

I stumbled upon Ceelee (WH), Phez (SH) and Izzzo (Choppa) near the ambush stump in Reikland, engaged with about 4 order.  And they were losing!  Ack!  I start recording as I approach the fight and within the first 15 seconds Izzzo and Ceelee both die and Phez kites out of my range, things weren’t looking too good… and to make things worse even more order shows up!

Back and Forth at the Fortress
The Shining Way fortress was under siege and order was hanging out near the front, preventing destruction from approaching.  I found a small group of order there and we played a bit of back and forth attacking, with their ranged dps pelting me and their witch hunter constantly trying to flank me =)

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed =)


Shaman 1.2.1 DPS Videos =)

Patch 1.2.1 went live last week, and with it came a nice damage buff to the shaman class.  I waited to respec DPS until last night (Friday) to see how my kiting spec did, as with the castlag gone I wanted to make sure I didn’t eat a ton of extra dps from other classes who also benefit from it.  But on friday I took the plunge back to full DPS!  So how is it?  Intense!  I kill fast and die faster, making each fight shorter and more dangerous.  Fortunately, I have some videos from that first night!  =)

DPS Shaman vs Warrior Priest
I find Warrior Priests are probably the hardest targets to kill as a shaman; especially kiting spec’d.  You can’t AP drain them, they heal well, and they can hit hard.  So trying out my new spec against a few WP seemed like a good first step; I had just respec’d to DPS moments before this started, which you can catch me telling snarglers in the chat 😉

Non stop order in Eataine
Knowing I can down Warrior Priests, this spec makes me happy!  Before I’d often just have to watch other healers run by knowing I likely could not kill them; now there is no need to allow anyone to pass by!  Lets try a more real pvp situation, with people hunting me!  This video starts with me attacking an engie who was part of a larger pack of order, which leads to an odd string of chasing and hunting around orders warcamp between me and several order =)

Solo keep defence
Normally, I completely avoid keeps while I’m solo.  Often there is just too many order at them, and they have their morale abilities charged from the door; I get near and eat a 7 second stun from range and then get focused and die.  Not so fun.  But, on friday I decided to ignore my usual rule and ventured down to the southern keep siege in Reikland, to find no destruction defenders and about 10 order!  What would Gork do?!

With the help of Gork and a wee bit of Mork, the keep was saved and about 50 minutes later we were assaulting their fortress 😉

That’s all I got for today, hope you enjoyed =)

Nazgum’s RvR videos for April 16th!

I like the idea of posting weekly RvR videos.  Except, I haven’t played this week!  Things were just a little too busy for me.  But, I played quite a bit last week and have a few extra videos from then.  These are a little more B quality videos I suppose, but hopefully still entertaining enough, and with 1.2.1 going live today, maybe I’ll have more interesting ones next week =)

Sinikin and Zzztopper
Just before this video starts I was fighting 1vs1 with Zzztopper (Ironbreaker); Sinikin (Shadow Warrior) joins the fight so I eeek both into the river and start filming! =)  About half way through the video a Warrior Priest arrives as well!

Nazgum and Sogeou vs Draxous, Mythrendir, Bellagen
This was a really close fight!  Bellagen (Warrior Priest), Draxous (Sword Master) and Mythrender (Knight) charged me and Sogeou in Eataine.  I had a seriously hard time healing Sogeou, as both tanks seemed to spam their Shatter Enchantment type skills and hit hard!  I also make lots of mistakes this fight >_<

Ottosel and Schmidbauer
This is a short video that takes place just north of the Order warcamp in Reikland where Ottosel (Warrior Priest) and Schmidbauer (Knight) charge me!  The Knight appears momentarily confused after my first eeek, perhaps realizing his advantage may have disappeared =)

Feathers don’t always just tickle

Playing as a shaman I tend to notice the bugs that affect me the most, which would be bugs with my career and bugs that end up getting me killed! =)

And recently, I got killed!  Ack!  Yes, sometimes (often really), I die!  But when I die in a situation I feel I should have lived, I usually go check the combat log to see what happened.  And after this one fight, reading through the combat log made me want to:



So what happened?  Well, first lets cover a skill all tanks get: Shatter Confidence.  Black Orcs, Ironbreakers, Chosen and the rest of the tank classes all get this skill, though its name varies slightly between them.  The purpose of the skill is to allow tanks to remove an enchantment from their target, something like Mork’s Buffer.  Except, this doesn’t just remove spells you would think of as enchantments, it can remove any buff on you, including our shield and heal-over-time spells.  That makes this skill especially effective against shamans as we rely on our HoTs and shield for healing, and tanks that use this can be more dangerous to deal with.

What puts it over the top though is, the Knights of the Blazing Sun version doesn’t just remove one “enchantment”; it removes all “enchantments” on you with each hit; and you get smacked for every single one removed!

Shatter Confidence wrecking havoc on Nazgum!

Shatter Confidence wrecking havoc on Nazgum!

As you can see in the combat log, Shatter Confidence hits me 4 times in one second.  With one attack Ligon removes ‘Ey, Quit Bleedin’, Do Sumfin Useful, Don’ Feel Nuthin and Gork’ll Fix It; and does 1200+ damage to boot!

So fellow shaman, be extra careful around those Knights!  Comparing them to our pals the Black Orc they sure look less menacing, with their funny feathered hats, but don’t be tricked!  They have a pretty evil weapon to use against us for now!

RvR Videos for April 10th =)

Phoenix Throne has been a lot of fun this past week.  Despite the sometimes zergyness, fun fights happen far more often then on Ostermark, and a few weeks out now I’m glad the transfer happened.  Of course, me having fun on the server means I got more videos to share! =)

Omnifury, Lionel and more by the cliff
This video starts with me fighting Omnifury the Witch Hunter just south of Wilhelm’s Fist in Reikland.  The fight moves near the cliff where a few more order enter the picture =)

“The Zerg!”

This is just a short video I caught that I thought was pretty humorous.  It starts with a 1vs1 in Reikland, that quickly becomes a 1vs2, and then a large Order Zerg shows and the chase is on!

Meeting Sogeou
It’s always fun to try and pick an outnumbered fight. This starts with me fighting Kerwin the Witch Hunter and an SM.  Shortly into the fight Sogeou the Sorcerer shows, along with a few Order reinforcements =)

Fighting with Sogeou
After running into each other in Reikland, me and Sogeou decided to team up!  We ended up having a lot of fun fights, but one of the more fun ones from the night was actually against a little army of mostly non-40s we fought in Eataine.  Despite them being lower level they put up a tough fight, and had 2 healers (a RP and a WP) so were difficult to take down.

Hope you enjoyed!  Overall its been a pretty fun week in War, and I’m finding quite a few fun fights =)

Fights from Phoenix Throne on Friday April 3rd

Phoenix Throne has definitely taken some getting used to.  The server is far more populated then Ostermark and fights are often interrupted.  Many players hit harder on PT and seem to have much better gear.  I was getting a little frustrated the first two days, but I’m learning to pull players out of main roads before engaging and to be more cautious against dps classes, and am starting to have some fun fights again.  So with that little intro, onto some videos! =)

Video 1: Luan (WL) and Gynnon (SM)
A few minutes prior to this video starting, I came across Luan the White Lion at the Order Warcamp in Eataine; my first encounter with him I was unaware he hit so hard and was a little careless and ended up losing; being a stubborn gobbo I immediately went back and found him again; the video starts with me /scream’ing at Luan outside the Order Warcamp. =)

Video 2: Khyrons (WH) and Mercin (Slayer)
Destruction was sieging the west keep in Eataine so I setup between the Order warcamp and there to see who I could catch trying to make it to the keep to reinforce it; I find Khyrons, but shortly into our fight order reinforcements arrive..

Video 3: Namaste (WH) and Maslaire (WL)
While lurking around in the alleys near the Order Warcamp in Praag, Namaste unstealthed on me with some pretty nasty hits =)

That’s all I got from friday, hope ya enjoyed =)

How to beat a WP and a WH as a shaman?

Transfers from Ostermark to Phoenix Throne have gone through for most people now, and I spent a few hours playing on my new home today.  What’s it like?  Definitely different then Ostermark, some good and some bad.  The good is there is way more people to fight, which is awesome.  The bad is the server itself appears to be way more laggy then Ostermark, which is frustrating; hopefully its temporary due to transfers or something..

But despite the lag I’ve had fun on PT already and even have a new video to share! woot! =)

Video Intro:  I was roaming around looking for a fight in Praag when Miriyn the Witch Hunter unstealthed on me.  We began fighting near the Southern Keep; but of course, as often occurs in WAR, an add showed!  Falanos the Warrior Priest!  Being new to the server I wasn’t sure who Miriyn or Falanos were, but I wanted to try and fight them!  But how do you beat a warrior priest and a witch hunter as a shaman?  The video starts with them chasing me north of the southern keep and I just cut off the road..

Unfortunately as you can see in the video, 3 destruction showed up at the very end and ruined its! hehe.  But Falanos was extremely close to dying with a lot of mobs and Gork Sez Stop on her just before the dest showed, they barely hit her.  If they never showed she may have died there and then I had my chance at the WH 1vs1 and a much nicer video, but alas!  This was still fun =)