Say ‘ello to the new git!


Nazgum the Squig Herder – Iron Rock

I’ve been playing on Ostermark since release, and its been a great server at times.  Fun people, and a fair amount of action.  But lately, the action is becoming harder and harder to find..

I wanted to make a choppa alt a few weeks ago, to level with Snafzg‘s shammy alt; but Ostermark is just atrocious for activity in T1-T3.  Scenarios do not pop and the RvR lakes are barren.  Snafzg started suggesting we roll our alts on Phoenix Throne, which I initially didn’t like but it got me thinking..  perhaps having a second server to play on would be nice, then there would be two places to check to see if there was action rather then one!  Smart gobbo!

So I started looking at the server list.  My first thought was to make an alt on an Oceanic server.  I often play at odd hours, so the time difference would be a great benefit.  I started leveling an alt on Ironclaw, but it didn’t last long.  The lag was not enjoyable.  And while it was fine sometimes, it seemed too risky for a PvP game.  Next!

Open RvR!  There was a great debate at launch among our guild on whether to roll on an ORvR ruleset.  Our guild was in favour of it until Mythic changed the rules at the last minute to allow higher tier players to come down and gank the lower tiers, so we opt’d for a core RP server instead.  Now its just a few people rolling alts so I thought its worth checking out.  Hah.  That was a mistake.  You receive no bolster in RvR lakes, so you are heavily punished for going there without being near the top of your tier.  Level 20s were camping our Chapter 3 PQs.  And I tried to make my way to the Dwarf starting areas at level 3 so I could find some similar levels to fight, but the hero guards are everywhere and frustrating to try to go around.  Amid all the extra frustration of trying to level, I imagine T4 would play basically the same due to the 55 Hero guards everywhere, so what’s the point?  Next!

My real reason for looking at other servers in the first place was Ostermark’s population is so low.  So what should be my main concern?  Population!  ‘Ello Iron Rock!  Among the top most populated servers!  Now that seems like a decent choice.

So I will be leveling a Squig Herder on Iron Rock, while Snafzg levels a shaman there.  We’re effectively switching roles since I’m a shaman on Ostermark and he’s the Squig.  And of course the most badass female Orc Likla will be joining us as a Choppa!  Waaagh!  Should be fun times =)